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  • Owner's manual
  • Power adapter
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G Enabled 128GB (Unlocked)


  • Carrier Unlocked

  • Wireless Technology 5G, CDMA

  • Operating System Android 10
  • Internal Memory 128 gigabytes
  • Screen Size 6.7 inches
  • Water Resistant Yes
  • Phone Memory (RAM) 12 gigabytes
  • Processor Brand Qualcomm

  • Front-Facing Camera 10 megapixels

  • Processor Model 865 5G
  • Internet Connectable Yes

  • Series Samsung Galaxy S20


  • Product Name Galaxy S20 Plus 5G Enabled 128GB (Unlocked)

  • Brand Samsung

  • Data Plan Required No

  • Device Manufacturer Samsung

  • Phone Style Smartphone

  • Series Samsung Galaxy S20


  • Unlocked Yes
  • Email Capable Yes

  • Keyboard Type Touch Screen

  • Media Card Slot microSD, microSDHC

  • Mobile Hotspot Capability Yes
  • Built-In GPS Yes

  • Sensors Fingerprint sensor
  • Maximum Depth Of Water Resistance 4.92 feet
  • Voice Activated Yes
  • Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP68
  • Wireless Charging Yes

  • Social Media and Messaging Services SMS, MMS

  • Dust Resistant Yes


  • Display Type AMOLED

  • Touch Screen Yes


  • Integrated Camera Yes - Front and Back


  • Battery Capacity 4500 milliampere hours


  • Bluetooth Enabled Yes
  • Wireless Charging Standard Qi

  • Model Family Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

  • Expandable Memory up to 1000 gigabytes

  • Carrier Compatibility AT&T, Boost Mobile, Cricket, H2O Wireless, MetroPCS, Mint Mobile, Net10, Simple Mobile, Sprint, T-Mobile, TRACFONE, Total Wireless, Verizon


  • Universal Unlocked Yes
  • Wireless Compatibility Bluetooth, Wireless A, Wireless AC, Wireless B, Wireless G, Wireless N Dual Band

  • Network Type CDMA, GSM


  • Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts 1 Year

  • Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor 1 Year

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Go , 06/27/2020

This is a mind blowing deal. i am supper happy with my order

Reviewed by rain , 06/27/2020

if need big screen this is not the one same size as iPhone 7 it good love it

Reviewed by nder , 06/27/2020

Love buying here. excellent service

Reviewed by Neelam , 06/27/2020

Supper fast delivered to me. Great Phone, use it everyday, brought a few as gift for others

Reviewed by Lopez , 06/27/2020

Buying here and getting what i paid for was the best part of this website.

Reviewed by ano , 06/27/2020

great price excellent customer service wonderful color. Love it. all.

Reviewed by Kil , 06/27/2020

Good Price. Delivery of these were very fast with no delayed at all.

Reviewed by India , 06/27/2020

This is quite the best place to shop. always keep their promise

Reviewed by Khan , 06/27/2020

The best phone since my HTC M7, this phone is super fast, the screen is as clear as you can ask for also I'm using it with the 120hz speed that makes it feel even more fluid. There battery is really good, I got day and a half in average. The camera is way better than my ex phone the s10e. The included charger is crazy fast I would say less than an hour for all the battery. a wonderful website to shop is here.

Reviewed by bacon , 06/27/2020

The whole thing about this website is fantastic

Reviewed by King , 06/27/2020

If you are looking for the best price and delivery to you faster I would highly recommend to order here. Their delivery was the best part. so fast

Reviewed by Navie , 06/27/2020

Happy with my Purchased. i will always come here to shop.

Reviewed by Karren , 06/27/2020

This is a very good website. They did does everything I need very well!

Reviewed by Anthony , 06/27/2020

Very good deal for me. I am very happy with what i bought

Reviewed by Miral , 06/27/2020

Very good Price and great service here. I am supper happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Ka , 06/27/2020

what an incredible website. very good Price.

Reviewed by Chris's , 06/27/2020

Love it. Great Price. The perfect size

Reviewed by Ein , 06/27/2020

Good Price. Very fast delivered. The features are exceptional.

Reviewed by Jo , 06/27/2020

Very good Price. late delivery finally i received these. after 8 days of waiting.

Reviewed by green , 06/27/2020


Reviewed by rock , 06/27/2020

Good Price.I am very happy with what I just purchased

Reviewed by urricane , 06/27/2020

Wow. honestly i am very impressed with the price and the delivery of these to me.

Reviewed by Tjietra , 06/27/2020

The Price are durable and i love it. I ordered these for my kids

Reviewed by sandwich , 06/19/2020

Great quality items. I really happy with my order

Reviewed by ar , 06/19/2020

I will always come here to shop. I really happy with my Purchase

Reviewed by Aradhya , 06/19/2020

My first time buying here. and i am so much grateful with this people service. ship on time. payment were confirmed on time.

Reviewed by Jake , 06/19/2020

I needed a good Pace that could offer a good price. and this website really blessed my life.

Reviewed by Buck , 06/19/2020

Beautiful Color This device is amazing, it's got the power and the performance you need

Reviewed by SyMoN , 06/19/2020

Oh lord. I wish you owned one of this beautiful Phone.. I am very satisfied with my order. I will buy again for sure.

Reviewed by Cohleen's , 06/19/2020

Its been 10 days i received this order. and i have had no issues

Reviewed by pocs , 06/19/2020

When this arrived at my place. The first thing you'll notice is the color.
I love the color so much.

Reviewed by cupcake , 06/19/2020

Wonderful. deal. nice price. Its quick and the battery lasts forever. Highly recommend this purchase it's a great buy.

Reviewed by Justin , 06/19/2020

No regrets with my order i ordered here. highly recommend

Reviewed by Martinez , 06/17/2020

Everything in order as advertises. delivered faster with no more charge

Reviewed by Mark , 06/17/2020

Beautiful Price. fast delivered as i was told. this 20+ still fits no problem!!

Reviewed by bbb , 06/17/2020

You get what you pay for. Beautiful deal. Love the fast delivery

Reviewed by Yayo , 06/17/2020

I Just received today. amazing deal

Reviewed by hanlon , 06/17/2020

Beautiful website to shop. I am a happy customer

Reviewed by ana , 06/16/2020

Sexy Price. fast delivered. So many great features. Amazing camera, tons of storage space. Battery last all day.

Reviewed by cipta , 06/16/2020

This is a wonderful website to shop. I`m very happy with my Purchased

Reviewed by Erika , 06/16/2020

I am great and happy with my order here. I would recommend this to a friend

Reviewed by Luis , 06/16/2020

Great Price. Nice place. Best purchased. Very much i am in love

Reviewed by Keo , 06/16/2020

I highly recommend beautiful website to shop

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I will always come here to purchase. I love what i Paid for. The shipment was on time.

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I am absolutely happy with my order.

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Beautiful purchase for me. very nice price.

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From the Price to arrived at my place are all fantastic

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Excellent & very fast delivered

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processing in so many ways. order and delivered to me. Great website to shop

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Wonderful Price. Happy with my Purchase

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unbelievable price. wow.

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purchased was good i love what i received

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Cool price and color. fast delivered. Thanks.

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The king of the price. i love what i order here. They delivered faster

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Best Purchased for me and i will buy again.

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Great quality price. always we come back for more.

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Order those and delivered late to me but i love them still Great camera, great display

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This is extremely great website to shop on. Ordered and shipped faster as promised.

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Order and the shipment was Extremely fast and smooth

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Received today. So far I am pleased

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Really enjoy Everything i spent my money on.

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I love when someone say its and i meet it like that. The shipment was faster

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Wonderful Price. very nice Phone. delivered faster. You guys are the Best

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Very happy with my order. Aura blue is by far the best color

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Arrived today. Wow Wow Wow

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Those arrived to me faster as they promised

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The Price is awesome.

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Amazing deal. shipped on time. Recommend 100% better than other similar cell phones in the market.

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I am so much happy with my Purchased

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